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Halloween Decisions for Lucky & Me Blog

Halloween is coming! On, I recently wrote about the the time Phoenix dressed as Rapunzel for Halloween, and the decisions we face getting ready for Trick-or-Treating. Please check it out and let me know how you feel about Halloween in the comments below.



My husband says Halloween is the best holiday. You don’t have to buy any gifts and everyone has fun. But I find that Halloween is very complicated– at least with a child in the house. Other holidays fall into one of two categories: Either they are religious, and have rituals which define the day and its activities, or they are simple commemorations, like Columbus Day, with fewer decorations and customs. Religious holidays usually involve family and not friends, and are therefore less complex from a social standpoint. Commemorative days don’t carry the emotional weight of other holidays and the celebrations and activities are more simple.

Halloween, on the other hand, is celebrated with friends and neighbors and can be fraught with comparisons and even competitive. Every greeting at the bus stop, church, or grocery store includes, “What are you gonna be for Halloween?” Like many kids, our daughter has changed her mind several times since we started talking about Halloween– basically since the school year started. Some of the ideas are simply flights of fancy– first she wanted to be a piece of Candy Corn so we talked about how to make it– orange tights, an orange hat, and somehow we would devise the main part out of fabric. But then, someone told her she was like the Phoenix– having survived a fire as an infant she had literally risen from the ashes. I made the mistake of searching for Phoenix costumes online, and quickly learned that they are not for children and are more appropriate for Mardi Gras than trick-or-treating… (Read more on


One thought on “Halloween Decisions for Lucky & Me Blog

  1. Elizabeth Nagel says:

    Some times, situations and choices stand out and can change lives. The story of you and your daughter touched my heart and I need to let you know that. Thank you. Be blessed in loving each other. I hope every milestone reminds you of the miracle of love, because your courage to step up is inspiring to me and every person it reaches. I’m so happy for your family!


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