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Halloween Update – Keeping a Pop Star Warm

I’m happy to report that a costume decision has been made and executed! Our girl will be a pop star for Halloween and the main costume has already arrived. What I learned when shopping on Amazon for just the right pop star look, is that there are many different versions, and each comes with only some of the items shown in the photo. So you have to read the product details and fine print very carefully to know what accessories you’ll receive, and which you need to purchase separately to complete the look. Our preferred version of a pop star is from the ’80s so she has a lacey ribbon in her hair (included) and fishnet gloves (also included – but for good measure we ordered another set of four).

This costume does not include a microphone but don’t worry, Amazon will suggest oneGirls '80s Pop Star Diva Costume for you as an item many people purchase with this costume. And there are many types of microphones from which to choose. There are the old-fashioned hold-it-in-your-hand microphones, which come in black plastic, glittery gold, some are even inflatable. But for the true pop star look, you can purchase a headset microphone. It comes in black, white, or pink and for $8.94 they will send one of those colors to you– but you won’t know which one until it arrives. That was ok with us as any of them would match the colorful top and bright pink skirt…(Read more on


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